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If you have just got a new PC/MAC and need some support where to start, maybe you are having difficulty installing software or upgrading hardware, perhaps you are having difficulty resolving a fault? Help is at hand.

My rates are £40 per hour



From time to time it may be necessary to replace a component or reset the computer. We can give advice for a plan of action and execute an economic repair.


Remote services

We recognise that people are often busy and scheduling a time to resolve a problem may not always be convenient. For existing customers we offer a free dial in service using ANYDESK where with your permission we can remote control your computer to resolve an issue.

My online rates are £20 per hour


Web Development

Achieve better results with your website. We create stunning sites that are built for growing your company, helping you increase visibility and encourage engagement. Get it right with a tailored web design that can help you smash your goals

Prices for development of a website start at £450. Please call to discuss your requirements. 



If you have fallen victim of a scam that has threatened the integrity of your computer or you just want to know how to protect against such attacks. We have many years of expertise in dealing with viruses, hijacks, ransomeware and malware.


Domestic Tech

These days there is a bewildering array of technology at our disposal. From smartphones to tablets through to TV’s and media streaming even some household appliances. We can offer help and assistance in getting you up and running.

Dr Who

About Me & Why I’m
The Best For the Job

I can offer the benefit of 30+ years’ professional personal computing experience plus plenty of patience, good humour and a friendly, common-sense approach.

All in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you!


Call Mark for a chat on

015242 73636

0759 702 4329

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What is a website

A website tailored to meet changing business needs

In today's digital age, having a website has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. As more and more consumers turn to the internet to research products and services, companies must create an online presence that is engaging, informative, and visually...

The offer that is too good to refuse.

I had a recent call from a customer who was concerned they had been a victim of a scam. They had purchased some branded accessories from an advert, that had appeared on their timeline on a social media platform. I am sure users of this kind of platform will have seen...
Windows 7

Windows 7: Microsoft end support for a quarter of all computers

On Tuesday 14th Jan 2020, Microsoft will officially end updates and support for Windows 7. The operating system will continue to function, Microsoft will stop offering technical support, software and security updates and fixes. Microsoft recommends replacing the...
illicit streaming

Illicit streaming

What is Illicit streaming Whilst streaming services like Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Fire TV Spotify etc, provide easy and affordable access to a multitude of legal content direct to your home. The UK government is waging a war against what it calls “illicit streaming...

Blogging for beginners

Blogging for a successful website Content is undoubtedly  king, it provides the opportunity for more touch points than any static website can offer. With respect to successful SEO It is essential when blogging to fit in with the criteria a search engine will use to...
NAS Network Attached Storage

Network Associated Storage (NAS)

Setting up a NAS There’s a quick and easy way to add  network associated storage (NAS) to your BT Home Hub 6. This can be achieved by plugging some storage into the USB socket on the back of the router. Either with a USB stick or a USB drive. The home hub only uses...
sim swap fraud

Sim Swap Fraud

Sim swap fraud is another form of cyber fraud set to blight our enjoyment of the equipment that has for many of become part of our everyday lives. This time it’s the humble smartphone and it’s probably not exactly what you think it is. It’s not a virus, in this...
Wi-Fi Hacked

Wi-Fi Hack

It has been revealed that the security protocol WPA2, used by most domestic and commercial Wi-Fi networks has a vulnerability which allows the decryption of any data traffic. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA,WPA II) became available in 2003 developed by The Wi-Fi Alliance...

Outlook 2016 contact groups

Quick guide to creating a contact group Use a contact group also called a distribution list to send an email to multiple contacts e.g. a committee, or even just a group of friends, without having to add individual names every time want to email them. Sending a message...

Password Safety and Best Practice

Is your password safe? How many times have you needed a password online and where? Stop don’t answer that question. Because already you are giving away information which may lead to a breach of your online security. It’s not an uncommon practice of one password to...



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